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Головна / Information / Which siderats are better to sow in autumn.

Which siderats are better to sow in autumn.

Siderats are perennial or annual plants that are planted after the crop is harvested. The main task of such herbs is to saturate the earth with oxygen and useful components. Plantations grow very quickly, form a good root system, can be used not only in the garden, but also in the greenhouse, on a large pasture.

What siderates are better to sow

Types of siderates for sowing.

The optimal time for planting plants is autumn, often the end of summer or the early months of autumn, when in the garden there will be no harvest left. At the same time, weather conditions are taken into account – landing should be carried out before the cold weather sets in and the rains begin. In this case, the plants will have time to strengthen, form a dense root system that will not allow the rains to wash away the ground. The most popular siderates are:

  • winter vetch perfectly takes root on poor soil, fights weeds, slugs, parasites, enriches the soil with nitrogen;
  • white mustard has long roots, tolerates cold well, can grow at low temperatures. The plant will protect against low temperatures, enrich the soil with sulfur, clean the soil of nematodes and small pests;
  • clover contributes to the saturation of the soil with organic matter and nitrogen, in the future the land can be used for planting cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins;
  • winter rye also saturates with nitrogen, potassium, can grow on any soil, is not afraid of frost. Winter improves the flow of oxygen and moisture to the earth, protects against erosion;
  • oats improve the quality of clay soil, fight rot, grow well together with rye or rye;
  • lupine has a very long, developed root system, improves acidity, repels fruit-eaters and slugs.

flatten out 50 g of seeds will be needed for each square meter of land. After sowing, the ground is sprinkled lightly, thoroughly watered.