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About company

SMART AGRO PLUS LLC is a leading company in the field of fodder and lawn grass seeds. The beginning of cooperation with us is a guarantee of success and a guarantee of the quality of the harvest, an individual approach and simple solutions to complex problems. Our partners are the following companies: group of companies “Eridon”, firm “Astarta-Kyiv”, partnership “Epicenter K”, private company “Myronovskyy Hleboprodukt”, partnership “Volyn Zernoprodukt”, partnership “Zemli Zhytomyrshchyny”, partnership “Lelyakivske”, holding “Phoenix Hunter”, partnership “Agroprommash” “Vitagro” group of companies and others.

Seeds from Smart Agro Plus

Choosing a seed supplier is one of the most important and main stages in the process of preparing a sowing campaign. You can spend time preparing the soil, applying fertilizers, choosing a good climatic period for going to the field, but all this will be in vain if the seeds do not have high sowing conditions in accordance with current State Standard of Ukraine. It is for these elements that our company takes responsibility. The combination of experience, efficiency in logistics issues and individual approach allows each partner to feel safe and comfortable working with us.

Here you can find sowing material: fodder crops, lawn grasses, greens, honey plants, grass mixtures for hayfields and pastures, as well as fertilizers for fertilizing and protecting future crops. In addition to this entire range, the company provides services for cleaning and calibration of seeds, as well as hydroseeding.

Smart Agro Plus is a reliable partner in seed production for all occasions!