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Види насіння медоносних трав

SMART AGRO PLUS LLC offers to buy honey grass seeds with delivery to your city. Each plant will give honey a special flavor and look for the healing properties of the product.

Багаторічні трави для покращення ґрунту

To improve the quality of the soil and high yields, we recommend buying seeds of perennial grasses – green manure. These green fertilizers retard the growth of weeds and saturate the earth with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus.

Багаторічні трави медоносних культур

LLC “SMART AGRO PLUS” offers to buy seeds of perennial grass mixtures with delivery to your city.

Найкраще насіння сіножатей трав

The LLC “SMART AGRO PLUS” company sells seeds of hayfields, which are necessary in order to harvest hay.

насіння рослин після покупки

The expiration date of the seeds is indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging, but often it turns out to be approximate, since everything depends on compliance with the storage conditions and the initial quality of the seed.

Кормовые растения

These crops are often used fresh as animal feed, as well as for harvesting hay, haylage, and silos. They are also considered a category of artificially dehydrated feed.

спортивный газон

A lawn lawn can perform not only a decorative function, decorating the local area. If you choose a specialized grass compatibility, such a lawn can be used for playing football, golf and other active activities.

Кращі медоноси для бджіл

To the group of honey plants, experts include a number of angiosperms, the flowers of which are equipped with specific glands (nectaries) that produce a sugary liquid.

Кормові травосуміші для худоби

The company “Smart Agro Plus” is glad to offer you a wide range of fodder grass bags, specially developed for satisfying the needs of small and great thinness.

Насіння багаття лугового

Meadowsweet is a plant with unique properties and a wide range of applications.