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We offer for sale the seeds of siderats and honey plants. All quality indicators are not lower
of the current DSTU.

A sales contract, an invoice, an invoice, etc. are attached to the batch of seeds
waybill, as well as test reports and quarantine certificate.

On our website, you will find the necessary siderate seeds for your needs: soil fertilizers, reducing its acidity, cleaning the land from weeds, protection from insect pests, restoring the soil after erosion, etc.

As siderats most often grow these types of plants

Culture Cleanliness, min. Similarity, min. Package, kg Price UAH/kg
Yellow mustard 99% 90% 25 60.00
White mustard 99% 90% 25 65.00
Oil radish 99% 90% 25 75.00
Lupin 99% 90% 25 26.00
Phacelia 99% 86% 35 150.00
Asparagus 99% 79% 20 50.00
Sudanka 99% 90% 25 36.00
Vika yara 99% 90% 40 45.00
Diaper 99% 90% 40 35.00
Buckwheat 99% 90% 20 52.00
Oats 99% 90% 40 11.00
Rye 99% 90% 40 12.00
Burkun yellow 99% 90% 25, 50 120.00
Burkun is white 99% 90% 25, 50 135.00
Flax 99% 90% 25 40.00

*When ordering from 4000 kg, the price of the product includes the cost of delivery

We offer our customers – trading companies, entrepreneurs, farmers, gardeners and other organizations to buy siderat seeds wholesale from the manufacturer at a low price. The online store offers a wide range of different siderates for different types of soil.

Buy cider from a manufacturer in Ukraine

The entire assortment of ciders is presented on our website directly from the manufacturer, so the price of the presented products is much lower than that of our competitors. All our products have the necessary certification and have passed all stages of quality control. We carry out delivery throughout Ukraine, EU countries by mail, courier, transport company. The product presented on our website meets the highest safety and quality requirements.

Our siderates are used as a natural fertilizer to improve the growing conditions of the main garden crops. They enrich the soil with necessary nutrients, suppress the growth of weeds, help fight pests and diseases, work as a natural soil loosener, etc.

Seeds of siderates are sown from early spring to autumn. The sprouts sown in the spring are cut after they have gained weight and planted in the ground or left to rot in the garden bed. After 2-3 weeks, when the green mass will rot, you can plant seedlings of cultivated plants. Siderates can also be sown in the rows throughout the season, using the cut mass as mulch. After harvesting, seedbeds are sown in the beds to prepare the soil for the next season.