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Forage grasses

We offer for sale a mixture of seeds of perennial grasses and components for creating grass mixtures. All
qualitative indicators are not lower than the current DSTU.

A sales contract, invoice, expense and transport invoice are attached to the batch of seeds, and
also test reports and quarantine certificate!

A range of forage grass seeds

Looking for a worthy supplier of forage crops for your farm? Sale of fodder grass seeds is one of the main directions of our company’s work. In our assortment, you will find herbal mixtures that meet your needs, as well as adapted to different regions of our country.

We offer you the following forage grass seeds:

Culture Sort Cleanliness, min. Similarity, min. Package, kg Price with VAT, UAH/kg
Red clover “Una” 99% 89% 25 130.00
Stokolos thornless “Taurian” 99% 89% 25 120.00
Kostrytsia is red “Gondolin” 99% 88% 25 150.00
Kostrytsia is reedy “Baltika”,
99% 80% 25 90.00
Kostrytsia meadow “Fedoro”, “Perun” 99% 80% 25 90.00
Festulolium “Lifema” 99% 80% 25 90.00
Perennial ryegrass “Matilde”,
99% 80% 25 100.00
Annual ryegrass “Tyverskyi” 99% 80% 25 65.00
Timofievka “Vytava” 99% 80% 25 120.00
Timofievka ( import ) “ULA” 99% 80% 25 160.00
Grystytsya collective “Ukraine” 99% 80% 25 100.00
White Clover “GrasslandsHua”
99% 89% 25 550.00
Tonkonig bower “Miracle”, “Balin” 99% 75% 25 375.00

Forage grass seeds wholesale with delivery across Ukraine and Europe.

Do you want to buy high-quality fodder crops for your farm? LLC “SMART AGRO PLUS” offers you to buy fodder grass seeds that meet all requirements. We produce and sell high-quality products that meet the needs of large and small livestock in the necessary nutritional elements.

Wholesale and retail sale of grass mixtures for fodder is one of the main activities of our company. Before sale, the seeds undergo a thorough quality control, which guarantees a high yield.

The proposed grass mixtures allow to significantly increase the productivity of milk, wool and other livestock products. Mixtures of fodder herbs are characterized by high taste and nutritional properties. Also, ready-made grass mixes are the most economically beneficial for cultivation, as they allow you to get a multi-row crop of fodder.

You can buy fodder grasses and grass mixtures specially developed and adapted for use in all regions of Ukraine and Europe.

The assortment of our company includes fodder grass mixtures produced on modern equipment – our seeds have high germination and ensure uniform coverage of the pasture area.

Each type of grass is a development of LLC “SMART AGRO PLUS” and has no analogues. From us you can buy seeds of perennial fodder grasses, grain crops produced by the company’s own technologies.

Product cost

We offer you low prices for fodder grass seeds of our production. The cost of the mixture is calculated based on the composition and proportions of cereals. The lowest price for fodder grass seeds is from 65 hryvnias per kilogram. These are 2x-3x component compositions, with a predominant content of one of the cultures. Improved varieties of mixtures consist of more valuable seeds, which have high vitamin indicators.

The price of fodder mixtures is indicated on our website – click on the name of the product to read the description of the variety or contact the company representative in any convenient way for you to receive qualified assistance in selecting a fodder mixture.

Buy fodder grass seeds

Don’t know where to buy seeds of perennial forage grass in Ukraine? “SMART AGRO PLUS” LLC offers a wide selection of high-quality mixtures made according to our “recipes”.

Perennial forage seeds are sold wholesale and retail. You can order products on the website or by calling the hotline: (098) 267-21-01