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Lawn grasses

We offer for sale a mixture of lawn grass seeds for landscaping and landscaping.

All quality indicators are not lower than the current State Standard of Ukraine.

The seed lot is accompanied by a contract of sale, invoice, expense and transport invoice, as well as test reports.

Type Composition Container, kg Group with VAT, UAH
«Universal» Perennial ryegrass — 60%
Red fescue — 20%
Festulolium — 15%
Meadow bluegrass — 5%
5, 20,25 110
«Sports» Perennial ryegrass — 50%
Red fescue — 25%
Festulolium — 15%
Meadow bluegrass — 10%
5, 20,25 110
«Lilliput» Perennial ryegrass — 20%
Red fescue — 50%
Festulolium — 10%
Meadow bluegrass — 20%
5, 20,25 145
«Shadow» Perennial ryegrass — 60%
Red fescue — 20%
Festulolium — 15%
Meadow bluegrass — 5%
5, 20,25 110
«Dry-resistant» Perennial ryegrass — 30%
Red fescue — 30%
Reed fescue – 20%
Festulolium — 15%
Meadow bluegrass — 5%
5, 20,25 115

Seeds of lawn grass and grass mixtures

We offer you to buy lawn grass seeds to create a beautiful and functional children’s playground, a sports ground, a luxurious recreation area or a blooming lawn. A huge selection of varietal mixtures and mono-varieties for arranging a truly well-groomed and cozy country plot without weeds – with a beautiful and soft grass cover.

A wide range of lawn grass seeds: universal grass mixes, low-growing, sports, parterne. When developing compositions for each type of lawn, we carefully analyze all the properties of the herbs contained in them to select the optimal characteristics.

You can buy lawn grass seeds of the following types from us:

  • Shade-tolerant – intended for sowing in places where sunlight is not so intense.
  • Seeds – used to restore damaged areas of lawn that are often used and require restoration. The seeds produce fast, uniform growth that gives the lawn a well-kept appearance. As a result, a lawn grows with grass that is resistant to loads.
  • Drought resistant – perfect for sowing in open sunny areas. The grass does not burn out under the burning rays of the sun and can remain without watering for a long time.
  • Universal – suitable for any areas, unpretentious. They can be used both for planting an entire lawn and for seeding damaged grass areas.
  • They are distinguished by reduced weed formation. The lawn can be used for sports games and as a place of rest.
  • Wear-resistant – bred specifically for sowing on sports grounds and football fields, which are not subject to trampling.

In our company, you can always buy a mixture of lawn grass seeds wholesale and retail, or place an order for the collection of a grass mixture according to an individual order.