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Alfelse seeds

Commercial offer “ALFELSE SEEDS”

Alfalfa is an annual and perennial plant. Family: Legumes. One of the best forage grasses. Rich in protein.

The fodder value of alfalfa is very high – about 103 g of protein per 1 kilogram of hay. This culture is useful feed for animals.

Commercial offer “ALFELSE SEEDS”

We offer alfalfa seeds of domestic and imported varieties. Seeds of the 1st reproduction. All qualitative indicators are not lower than the current DSTU. A sales contract, an invoice, an expense and transport invoice, as well as quality documents: a quarantine certificate and a seed test protocol are attached to the batch of seeds!


Culture Sort Cleanliness, min. Similarity, min. Package, kg OPT price UAH/kg
Alfalfa Nadia and others 98% 90% 25, 50 190.00


Alfalfa TIMBALE (FRANCE) 99% 92% 25, 50 300.00
Alfalfa GALAXY (FRANCE) 99% 92% 25, 50 300
Alfalfa GEA (ITALY) 99% 92% 25, 50 300
Alfalfa HARISENDA (ITALY) 99% 92% 25, 50 300
Alfalfa VICTORIA (SPAIN) 99% 92% 25, 50 300

* When ordering from 4000 kg, the price of the product includes the cost of delivery.

Alfalfa is one of the best pasture grasses, rich in protein and other useful substances for your livestock. Alfalfa is also a good honey bearer. This perennial leguminous crop has a root system that penetrates deep into the soil. Thanks to this property, in dry periods, alfalfa absorbs a sufficient amount of water from deep-lying soils. It is for this reason that in summer it develops better than cereal grasses and is considered a good alternative for farms deprived of the opportunity to organize irrigation of fodder lands.

You can order alfalfa seeds from SMART AGRO PLUS LLC.

Buy alfalfa seeds

Forage alfalfa has many advantages:

  • Balanced and natural composition;
  • High yield;
  • High resistance to pests and diseases.

At SMART AGRO PLUS, you can buy alfalfa seeds specifically for your climatic conditions and livestock needs.

Buy alfalfa seeds wholesale

If you have a large pasture, you need a lot of seeds to sow. You can buy alfalfa seeds in bulk from 1 ton. Leave a request and our specialists will contact you to complete the order.