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Siderate mixtures

We offer siderate mixtures for sale. All qualitative indicators are not lower than the current DSTU.

A sales contract, invoice, expense and transport invoice, as well as test reports are attached to the batch of seeds.

COVER Phacelia – 14.28% Alexandrian Clover – 2.85% Flax – 17.14% Wild vetch – 20% Sudanese grass – 40% Oil Radish – 5.71% 57.00
UNDER SALARY (AUTUMN) Mustard – 30% Radish oil – 35% Flax – 15% Sudan grass – 15% Phacelia – 5% 65.00
WINTER 1 Wild vetch – 15% Lupine – 45% Asparagus – 15% Oats/rye – 25% 50.00
CARBONATE Lupine – 40% Oily radish – 30% White burkun – 10% Ryegrass one. – 20% 65.00

*possible composition adjustments at the request of the customer

* When ordering from 4000 kg, the price of the product includes the cost of delivery.


Siderat mixtures wholesale and retail in Ukraine.

A mixture of siderates is a mixture of one-year precocious plants that have excellent qualities when used as a green fertilizer. The mixture of all these families increases soil fertility, enriches the soil with natural organic substances, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, prevents the leaching of humus, protects cultivated plants from diseases and pests, has bactericidal and fungicidal properties, inhibits the growth and development of weeds, and promotes deoxidation. The root system of the mixture perfectly loosens the soil, improving air and moisture exchange, creates favorable conditions for useful soil microorganisms, reliably protects the soil from water and wind erosion. The green mass of the mixture in the compost heaps is an accelerator of the composting process, increases the content of useful substances and improves the structure of the finished compost.

Buy siderate seeds for the garden

Our online store is the largest seller of seeds and grass mixtures, mixtures for soil nutrition and other products for the summer cottage and garden.

You will buy a mixture of siderates from us, which will help you maintain the health and productivity of garden crops. This is a unique plant group called green manure. In our catalog there are seeds of legumes, cruciferous and cereal plants. The main features of siderates for the garden and vegetable garden are:

  • Regeneration of soil affected by erosion, as well as protection against erosion processes.
  • Natural loosening of the soil, which is obtained due to the powerful and extensive root system of green manure. The same property ensures the displacement of weeds from the site.
  • Saturation of the soil with three main components – nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.
  • The raising of useful components hidden in depth to the surface of the soil, their retention.
  • When the plants decompose, they enrich the soil and form a layer of humus.
  • Cleaning garden beds from pathogenic microorganisms, insects and other pests.
  • Plays the role of natural mulch.

What green manure seeds are available for sale?

You can buy siderate mixtures of plants from us:

  • Rip is hot.
  • Phacelia.
  • Alfalfa.
  • Sowing peas.
  • Oil radish.
  • Mixtures of honey crops.
  • Buckwheat.
  • Sandy asparagus.
  • Lupin.
  • Mustard, etc.

This is an excellent alternative to conventional chemical fertilization, as living plants do not harm the environment and are completely non-toxic.

Siderate mixtures are planted both before the planting of garden crops begins, and after the end of sowing. The soil must be pre-treated and thoroughly watered.

Is it worth buying cheap ciders?

No. You should not buy cheap siderates and hope for full saturation of the soil with nutrients. Replica products for the garden are, as a rule, products of unscrupulous sellers. Fraudsters produce seeds in inappropriate conditions, ignore technological standards, and therefore sell them cheaply. Buying such green fertilizers will not benefit the garden.

Wholesale and retail sale of ciders

In our online store you can buy ciders in Ukraine wholesale and retail. Wholesale delivery is available to private individuals and legal entities. The price under the products on the website is indicated for retail sale. To order a product in bulk, let us know and our employees will recalculate the total amount of the order at wholesale prices.