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The best lawn grasses.

Owners of country houses and dachas ennoble the surrounding area with greenery, including lawn grass. To make the lawn pleasing with an attractive appearance, does not bring unnecessary problems to the owner, you need to choose the right plants based on climatic zone, weather conditions and other factors. The following are examples of the best grass for the lawn that you can choose for the site.

The best lawn grasses


Perennials grow rather slowly, but have a good root system and increased resistance to adverse weather factors. The most popular herbs are:

  1. Red fire – unpretentious cereal that can grow on any land, both wet and dry. Suitable for sowing problem areas, tolerates temperature changes, frosts, life expectancy is up to 15 years.
  2. Tonkonig meadow – due to resistance to frost, drought and high humidity, the grass has gained popularity among designers. An important point – tonkonig does not like dense and hard ground.
  3. Sheep fire is a perennial plant that has narrow leaves collected in small bushes. It is not afraid of regular mowing, tolerates drought and trampling, germinates after the first snow falls.
  4. The common panicle also belongs to cereals, has thin and tall stems, narrow leaves. To form a lawn from a broom, you need to mow the plantings often.

Also popular is perennial ryegrass, which does not tolerate clay or swampy soil, but forms a green carpet in the first year after sowing. Perennial Beckmania, which has a strong root system, has increased resistance to frost.


Since the green lawn in front of the house is not created for one year, the annual grasses are practically not used for lawn formation. Such plantings are suitable for those who doubt the need for a lawn and plan to form a temporary lawn. The most popular are only two types of grass:

  1. Weed multi-flowered first shoots give in the warm spring, quickly formed into neat bushes. Plantations love moisture, grow on any soil, are often used for those areas where you need to quickly create a green lawn.
  2. Tonkonig annual does not require regular sowing, because it gives seeds, propagated by self-seeding. For this reason, the owner does not have to plant plants every year or worry about bald spots that form after frost.

There are a large number of grasses that can be selected based on the main characteristics of the lawn and soil. Some plants are sold in a collection, others can be purchased separately.

Popular varieties of herbs.

The most popular types of herbs can be divided into categories:

  1. Drought-resistant – sheep fire, slow-growing, but even without regular watering remains green and attractive.
  2. Fast-growing – panicle, grows quickly, but requires a lot of moisture.
  3. Resistant to pruning – perennial ryegrass, well withstands stress and damage, grows quickly after pruning.
  4. For wetlands – dog broom, which does not like drought or trampling, but has a long service life, gives good shoots, despite the excess moisture.

Before you buy seeds, you should take into account the characteristics of the site, soil types and your own wishes for the future lawn. Careful selection and regular care will help to create a real decorative masterpiece on the site of a country house.