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Rapeseed seeds at affordable prices

LLC “SMART AGRO PLUS” offers for purchase a wide range of seed material for field and vegetable crops. We offer to purchase rapeseed wholesale on the most attractive terms. You can buy seed from the world’s leading manufacturers from us. The sale of seeds is carried out online and during a personal visit to our office. Many farmers and companies started buying rapeseed wholesale for many reasons. One of them is the use of rapeseed oil for biodiesel. An alternative type of fuel allows you to replace petroleum products, as well as to protect the environment from harmful emissions. For farmers, the herbaceous plant is optimal for cultivation. It is easy to find favorable agrotechnical conditions for it.

Rape seeds

Application and cost of rapeseed

Buy rapeseed wholesale, the price of which depends on the variety and volume of delivery, you can in our companies We are the largest supplier of seed material in Ukraine, so you can be sure of the high quality of the products sold. Green mass can be used as a sider fertilizer, as it improves the structure and increases the fertility of the soil. Crops provide fodder for animals throughout the autumn period. Rapeseed seeds can be bought in bulk not only cheaply and easily, but also with prompt delivery. We sell winter and spring varieties and offer our customers:

  • competent advisory support in the selection of seed material;
  • operational delivery to regions of the country;
  • adequate, not inflated prices;
  • a convenient online order form;
  • beneficial terms of cooperation for both private individuals and companies.

You can buy rapeseed seeds at the manufacturer’s prices in our company store in a couple of minutes, using a convenient online form. The order is delivered to all cities and settlements of Ukraine. We have our own delivery service, and we also cooperate with the largest transport companies. You can order wholesale spring and winter rapeseed from us, the price of which is not inflated and is available to everyone. We are ready to make you a favorable offer!