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Meadow ryegrass seeds

To grow a perfect and at the same time undemanding lawn is the dream of many summer residents and gardeners. And the best herb for this will be the perennial gorse, known to us by other names. You can actively relax on the lawn of this lawn plant and not worry that the grass will be damaged or trampled. You can buy meadow ryegrass seeds from us – at the Smart Agro Plus store.

Buy meadow ryegrass seeds in Ukraine “Smart Agro Plus”

Our online store “Smart Agro Plus” is Ukraine’s largest seller of seeds and grass mixtures, mixtures for soil nutrition and other products for the summer cottage and garden.

In the “Smart Agro Plus” catalog, you will find and buy seeds of a widely used cereal crop – meadow ryegrass (aka perennial ryegrass). This is a bushy lawn plant with a characteristic dark emerald color.

Features of perennial ryegrass

Seeds of perennial ryegrass are a necessary product for summer residents of our country. This is due to the following features of this lawn plant:

  • Rapid similarity.
  • Ability to take root on any type of soil.
  • Juicy emerald color.
  • Excellent decorative properties of the lawn.
  • Resistance to trampling, intensive load.

Despite a whole list of positive features, the perennial chrysanthemum has one significant drawback. The plant does not tolerate winter well, which limits its large-scale distribution in regions and other countries with a fairly harsh climate. The lawn thins out a lot and loses its juiciness, which forces the gardener to start sowing and growing it again. Breeders are currently actively working on solving this problem.

In addition, the perennial chrysanthemum does not grow well in the shade. Therefore, it is recommended to plant it in a sunny place.

Prices of meadow ryegrass seeds in the “Smart Agro Plus” store

Prices in the Smart Agro Plus catalog are presented for information purposes, as suppliers often change the price of their products. To buy a lawn, check the price of the product with our operator.

Buy seeds of meadow ryegrass wholesale

In “Smart Agro Plus” you can buy pasture chrysanthemum not only retail, but also wholesale. Since the catalog shows retail prices, if you need to buy in bulk, you need to let us know. Our employees will recalculate the order at wholesale prices.

To buy perennial ryegrass seeds in Ukraine, contact us. From the grass mixture purchased from us, you can grow a lawn for any purpose: for sports and active games, for decorative landscaping of the area, etc.