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Grass mix seeds wholesale and retail!

Herb mixture is a mixture of seeds of different plants. The composition of herbal mixtures depends on the functional purpose of the herbs, on the goals that the Customer wants to achieve.

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Grass mixture seeds

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Conventionally, herbal mixtures can be divided into groups:

  • Lawn grasses for road slopes and sodding of slopes
  • Mixtures for garden and park and ordinary lawns
  • Mixtures for sports and playgrounds
  • Herbs for land reclamation
  • Fodder grass mixtures

Let’s consider these groups separately:

Lawn grasses for covering slopes and slopes of roads

The composition of grass mixtures depends on the steepness and exposure of the slopes.

The composition of these grass mixtures depends on the steepness and exposure of the slopes. With steeper slopes and southern exposure, the mixture should be dominated by grasses with a tap root system and a rhizome type of bush. An exemplary composition of the grass mixture: 50-60% rhizomes (for example, ryegrass), 20-30% – leguminous plants, 10-30% – loose grasses. The above-mentioned grasses, as well as meadow timothy, blue hybrid alfalfa, are suitable on gentle slopes facing the north side.

Mixtures for garden and park and ordinary lawns

A garden and park lawn must withstand the visit of large masses of visitors and have an attractive appearance. It should be shade-tolerant, drought-resistant, and distinguished by longevity. Usually, such mixtures consist of 3-5 perennial grasses with the addition of perennial legumes. For ordinary lawns, the following seeds of grass mixtures are used: bonfire bezoste, hedgehog collective, meadow sedge, ryegrass, creeping wheatgrass.

Mixtures for sports and playgrounds

Such a lawn should be resistant to intensive trampling. It is advisable to include the following herbs in the mixture: meadow ryegrass, meadow fescue, meadow fescue, white broom.

The seed sowing rate must be increased by 2 times.

Herbs for land reclamation

These plants must be highly resistant to soil and air pollution by oil products, salts of heavy metals. They should be unpretentious in care, fast in growth. A distinctive feature is the ability to bind volumes of pollutants and dirt. Herbs that meet these requirements: festololium, meadowsweet, red meadowsweet, meadowsweet.

Fodder grass mixtures

This group of herbs includes perennial cereals and legumes, which are used to create hayfields and pastures. Fodder grass mixtures should ensure a uniform crop of green mass, should have high nutritional value and good digestibility.

The peculiarity of pasture grasses is their ability to grow quickly after grazing and resistance to trampling. The most suitable herbs: meadow bluegrass, English ryegrass, red sedge, white clover, yellow alfalfa.

Forage grass mixture for haymakers can include timothy, red clover, safflower, alfalfa, fescue, meadow ryegrass.

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