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Forage grass seeds

Forage quality directly affects livestock health. The correct balance of vitamins and nutrition of grown plants is the main condition for gaining weight and increasing milk yield of cows. Our store offers you to buy quality seeds forage grasses for pastures.

Buy fodder grass seeds for pastures in Ukraine

Our online store is the country’s largest seller of seeds and grass mixtures, useful fertilizers and other products for the summer cottage, garden and vegetable garden.

At the Smart Agro Plus store, you can buy pasture grass seeds for sowing in a large area. A combination of annual and perennial varieties of plants will provide livestock with a nutritious and useful diet. In addition, many ready-made grass mixtures from the catalog are suitable for making hay. The composition of feed mixtures necessarily includes cereal plants, which are perfectly digested by cows and other animals.

The Smart Agro Plus team is exclusively on the side of buyers. We will answer all your questions related to growing, proper care of plants, their treatment from diseases and parasites.

Mixtures of forage grasses for pastures

In the Smart Agro Plus catalog you will find perennial grasses for livestock feed from proven producers. Manufacturers produce combined fodder grass mixtures, mixtures for pasture cultivation and grass for harvesting hay. The composition of forage intended for fodder includes the seeds of the following crops (the proportions of the listed varieties of plants in different mixtures differ):

  1. Pasture ryegrass.
  2. Reedy oats.
  3. Clover is creeping.
  4. Oatmeal meadow.
  5. Meadow bluegrass.
  6. Hedgehog collective.

When choosing pasture grasses for fodder, consider the climate and type of soil on your plot of land. If you can’t find the right mix of seeds, we will help you find the best solution.

Is it possible to buy inexpensive fodder grass mixtures for sowing pastures?

No, inexpensive mixtures for sowing feed consist of low-quality seeds. Such goods are produced by fraudsters under unacceptable conditions. Lack of modern equipment and licenses for production, purchase of low-quality raw materials – all these factors lead to the release of goods unsatisfactory quality. Dishonest enterprises repeatedly violate production standards. Therefore, we do not recommend buying seeds in dubious stores with cheap price tags.