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White clover seeds in Ukraine

The famous shamrock is a perennial plant, the lawn of which immediately catches the eye. A small flowering placer will decorate any garden area. And unpretentiousness in care makes this plant one of the favorite summer residents. To grow a real quality clover lawn, you need to order quality lawn grass seed with white clover. We will help you cope with this task – SMART AGRO PLUS LLC.

Buy white creeping clover seeds in Ukraine wholesale and retail

Our online store is the largest platform for the sale of gardening and landscaping products. The store’s assortment includes everything you need to grow a high-quality lawn. Here you will find lawn seeds, innovative fertilizers, chemical protection products for plants. In addition, you can buy lawn seeds from creeping white clover with delivery across Ukraine.

Direct cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers allows us to set fair prices for goods. All companies whose horticultural products are on the site have been checked for honesty. We do not sell defective and low-quality seeds.

LLC “SMART AGRO PLUS” is always on the client’s side. We will answer any questions about planting, growing and caring for plants. For a free consultation, just call us at the phone number you see on the website.

Low-growing white creeping clover for the lawn

You can buy low-growing white clover lawn grass seeds from us for sowing in Ukraine. This dwarf creeping plant allows you to grow a dense flowering lawn on your site, which:

  • Not a single weed passes through its green cover.
  • Does not lose juiciness until late autumn.
  • Increases immunity near growing lawn plants.
  • Enriches the soil in the area with nitrogen.

When sowing a lawn from low-growing white clover, be careful: the plant does not tolerate nitrogen fertilizers. They have a negative effect on the health of the grass and in excess can destroy the lawn. Buy supplements containing phosphorus and calcium. In addition, it is recommended to cut such a lawn with a trimmer, not a lawnmower.

What determines the price of white clover seeds

The price of white clover for the lawn depends on several parameters. First, it is a manufacturer. The companies whose products are on our site form the final cost of their product in different ways, based on the costs incurred and the markup. Secondly, it is the volume of the purchase. The larger the volume of the seed bag, the more profitable the order will be. And, thirdly, it is a type of plant. One is more resistant to trampling, the other to a harsh climate, etc.

White clover wholesale

In our store you can also buy wholesale white clover seeds. Wholesale deliveries are available to both individuals and legal entities. Since the price on the website is indicated for retail trade, when buying in bulk, we will recalculate the total amount of your order.

To order white clover in bulk, contact us in any convenient way.