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Which lawn grass to choose.

The lawn makes the area in front of the house beautiful and well-groomed, turns the area into a green lawn. Lawn grasses protect the ground from weathering, rain erosion, weeds, clean the air from dust and gas from passing cars. Before choosing plantings of a particular type, you should consider a number of important points, which are discussed below.

Lawn grass

Varieties of lawn.

There are several main types of lawn grass:

  • decorative – designed to shape the landscape, has an aesthetic but not practical function. You should not walk on such a meadow, otherwise the beautiful grasses will quickly lose their appeal and fade;
  • grass to strengthen the soil protects against adverse weather conditions, strong winds and rain. Grows well, undemanding to care, on such lawn it is possible to walk;
  • flowering lawn often adorns the yard, areas near the decorative elements of landscaping or artificial pond. Since flowering plants are used for planting, such lawns are often annuals or serve as decoration in the warm season.

Dozens of types of grass can be used to form a lawn, which should be considered in more detail.

Examples of popular varieties of plants for the lawn

On sale you can find both mixtures and seeds of specific types of plants. Plants can be divided into categories:

  • fast-growing – meadow fire or broom. They grow quickly, within a couple of months they can fill the area completely, forming a dense and green lawn;
  • resistant to shade – tonkonig dibrovny, hedgehog team. Well withstand trampling, have a strong root system, they can be planted in the shade of the house or under trees;
  • resistant to frost – thin broom, red fire. Excellent withstand harsh weather conditions, do not freeze, can grow on poor soils;
  • swampy – dog’s broom, swamp tonkonig. They love moisture, in the swamp they form beautiful green carpets. The main disadvantage – such herbs do not tolerate dryness, they need regular watering;
  • resistant to mowing – perennial ryegrass or meadow sedge. They are not afraid of regular mowing, but the vegetation is prone to fungal infections, takes a long time to take root, the roots are strengthened in the following years after sowing.

For planting, you can choose one type of plant or choose a mixture that includes herbs in different proportions. Mixtures give the chance to form a beautiful lawn, steady against various negative factors which will please with an attractive look at any time of the year.

Varieties of coverings

Depending on structure of mixes, distinguish the following types of lawns:

  1. For sports. Suitable for children’s or play areas, stadiums. Such lawns last up to 7 years, do not require regular watering or fertilizing, can withstand trampling without baldness.
  2. Universal – suitable for any area, consists of herbs that are resistant to any adverse factors.
  3. Lawn for the lazy does not require frequent mowing, care, regular watering or mowing.
  4. Meadow – contains flowering and ornamental plants, needs regular care and watering.
  5. On sale you can find mixtures for direct use – for the arrangement of sports grounds or decorative areas in the country. You can also pick up the grass yourself and sow the lawn with it.