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We choose herbs for garden plots.

Grass give garden plots an elegant, well-kept look. Plants, formed into beautiful lawns or flower beds, give a unique look to the summer cottage area. A green lawn will delight with its attractive appearance, protect against street dust, and freshen the air. The types of herbs that can be used for planting in the garden plot are described below.

Herbs for garden plots

Ready or seeded grass.

For the formation of green lawns in the country, seeded or ready-made lawn can be used. In the first case, the owner needs to independently purchase a collection or several specific types of grass, sow the lawn, provide proper care, watering and cutting. In such a situation, a beautiful, unique-looking lawn is obtained, which can consist of a wide variety of plants. At the same time, it is worth considering – the lawn will be finally formed only the following year after planting.

In the case of a ready-made lawn, it will take up to 10 hours to plant and arrange the territory if the work is carried out in the summer, and up to 5 days if the laying is carried out in winter or cold spring. Ready-made turf is a rolled-up carpet with short grasses and formed roots. The owner has only to spread the covering on the site, water it, and facilitate adaptation.

Types of herbs.

There are a large number of herbs, which can differ in their resistance to drought, frost, shade or vice versa – to be delicate , demanding in care. That is why, before purchasing, you need to take into account the type of soil, climatic conditions characteristic of a specific area and a lot of other nuances. It is also worth considering the type of bushing:

  1. Densely bushy plants contribute to the formation of dense stands, turf, quickly grow on the site, but at the same time, growing other vegetation nearby will be practically impossible.
  2. A few shrubs form stands of medium density, such grasses often include universal plants that are resistant to negative factors.
  3. Rhizomes are characterized by low density, but a long lifespan.
  4. Rhizome-low bushes give even, elastic and dense plantings, are a universal variety.

Plants can be divided into 2 categories – annual and perennial. Annuals are planted only for temporary lawns or soil preparation for further planting. Perennials serve up to 10 years on average, periodically you need to sow seeds.

Which grass to choose.

Popular plants for forming a garden plot are:

  1. Dog’s gorse or marsh sedge likes moist soil, does not tolerate drought.
  2. Polyovitsa thin, kostyrica red are not afraid of frost, but do not tolerate abundant watering, regular cutting.
  3. Tonkonig wood grows well in the shade, does not like regular watering.
  4. Meadow gorse, broom grow very quickly, but require regular watering.

There are also grasses that are not afraid of frequent mowing, drought, and tolerate temperature changes well. Preference is given to mixtures that contain different types of seeds in equal proportions to form a landscape that will look beautiful regardless of weather conditions.