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The best grass seeds

The company LLC “SMART AGRO PLUS” sells seeds of hayfields, which are necessary in order to harvest hay. Hay is an important product used to feed various types of animals. Many farmers are engaged in hayfields in order to prepare an excellent nutritious feed for cattle, for small cattle. The feed should be well thought out, it is best if it immediately consists of different crops.

Найкраще насіння сіножатей трав

The best seeds for haymaking

As you know, the most nutritious food is legumes, because they contain a lot of protein. However, giving your animal only legumes is not healthy and can adversely affect digestion, which is why many farmers recommend mixing legumes and cereals. And here comes the best option for food. If we consider the most popular seeds for making hay, then choose crops such as:

  • alfalfa
  • clover,
  • sainfoin,
  • oats
  • bonfire

Each of these herbs has its own positive properties, it helps to provide the animal with excellent food. It all depends on the region where it will grow. For this, several types of herbs are selected that will positively influence the development of each other and support with growth. It is very important not only to sow the seeds correctly at a certain period, but also to mow them in time in order to obtain seeds with the correct moisture content as a result. After drying, the moisture level should not exceed 15%, in which case it will withstand long-term storage and will not rot. As for the collection of crops, legumes should be harvested during the formation of buds, and cereals during heading. If all the nuances are taken into account, then you can get a good harvest, a decent level of hay.

Buy the best hay seeds

Do you want to provide your animals with a balanced and nutritious diet? Looking for the best hay seeds for livestock feed? Then you are on the right track! “Smart Agro Plus” is your reliable partner in the field of agriculture and the sale of the best grass hay seeds.

Our seeds are of high quality and grow well even in different soils. We guarantee that the “Smart Agro Plus” hay seeds will lead to a bountiful harvest, providing food for your animals throughout the season.

Why choose us? We have several strong reasons:

  1. Quality – all seeds are rigorously selected and rigorously tested to ensure high germination and excellent plant growth.
  2. Assortment – here you will find a wide selection of seeds of various grass hayfields, allowing you to create the perfect feed mixture for different types of animals.
  3. Experience – “Smart Agro Plus” has many years of experience in the agricultural market, which allows us to provide you with the best advice and recommendations for a successful harvest.
  4. Convenience – ordering seeds from us is quick and easy. We deliver all over Ukraine so that you can get the necessary seeds at a convenient time for you.< /li>

We are proud of our products and we are sure that they will help you to increase the efficiency of your cattle breeding or farming. Our hay seeds are your key to success and prosperity!

Buy the best hay seeds from “Smart Agro Plus” right now and you won’t regret your choice. Let us be your reliable partner on your way to successful and profitable agriculture!