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Stokolos thornless – wholesale and retail sale of seeds

The LLC “SMART AGRO PLUS” company offers website visitors to buy spikeless cornflower seeds at wholesale prices in Ukraine. It is a perennial crop used in agriculture as animal feed. The plant, which is otherwise called bonfire, has excellent properties.

Stokolos thornless (Kostrets thornless) refers to valuable hay and pasture plants. The yield of hay ranges from 12 t/ha on arid areas to 50 t/ha and more on floodplain meadows provided with moisture; in culture, the yield of hay reaches 135 t/ha. 100 kg of bonfire hay contains 57.2 fodder, units. and 5.9 kg of digestible protein.

Good for all types of livestock . It is used to create cultural pastures and hayfields, to consolidate lands prone to washing away.

Stokolos bezosty

Stokolos thornless – cultural features

Cereal enriches the soil with nitrogen produced from carbon dioxide. The grass has a developed rhizome that goes underground for 2 m, and the length of the grass is 80-150 cm. It has wide rough leaves, inflorescences in the form of a panicle with red stripes. Thornless cereals are divided into meadow and field (also called northern and southern).

Meadow heaths are moisture-loving, able to withstand flooding with meltwater for more than 45 days, respond well to irrigation (but do not like nearby ground water), resistant to cold. Steppe sedges are highly resistant to droughts, have a deep root system (up to 1.5-2 m), are able to withstand flooding with meltwater for no more than 25-30 days.

It can be stored in a grass stand for more than 8-10 years with hay, 6-7 years with pasture. In turf coverings, even in the steppe zone, without watering, it lasts up to 7-20 years. Suitable for growing in a wide variety of conditions. Unpretentious to soils, but prefers fertile sandy and light loamy chernozems with sufficient moisture; does not tolerate heavy clay, as well as acidic and saline soils. Reacts negatively to the proximity of groundwater. The plant is drought-resistant, cold-resistant and spring-resistant. It is also resistant to fungal diseases. It tolerates trampling well. Forms leveled, without clumps, but sparse grass stands, which have low decorativeness.

Benefits of the bonfire

If the gardener decides to buy bonfire seeds in bulk, he will discover its advantages already in the first year of germination. They include:

  • prevention of washing away (due to the length of the rhizome);
  • undemanding care;
  • improvement of agrochemical properties of fertile soils;
  • tolerates repeated mowing well;
  • immunity to precipitation, heat, cold;
  • in the second year, growth suppresses the development of weeds.

In addition to nitrogen-free compounds, it contains fiber and protein (20% each), thanks to which it enriches the soil.

Bonfire seeds wholesale from “SMART AGRO PLUS” LLC

Our company sells perennial crops for gardeners and farms. We offer favorable terms of cooperation to wholesalers.

We sell any volume of products, but it is more profitable to buy bonfires in bulk. Place an order in one click, just write or call us. You can clarify information about the product, payment and delivery by calling the phone number indicated on the website.