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Ryegrass is perennial

Pasture ryegrass (perennial) is a herbaceous flowering plant. Species: Weed, family: Cereals.

It has a powerful root system, the stem reaches 70 centimeters in length. It is a good pasture and hay crop.

Pasture ryegrass

Pasture ryegrass is widely used both for fodder purposes and is widely used in urban lawns .

Ryegrass is an excellent, high-quality fodder that takes root quickly and gives a good harvest in the year of sowing in the presence of coolness (from 10 to 25 ° C) and sufficient humidity. Ryegrass does not tolerate flooded areas.

It has several obvious advantages. First, because of its nutritional value, perennial ryegrass is an excellent choice for grazing cattle and sheep. Second, it adapts well to moderately temperate climates and can survive dry summers. And, finally, it quickly recovers after grazing and is actively bushwhacking.

Perennial ryegrass for the lawn

Under the right conditions, meadow ryegrass germinates faster than the seeds of other lawn grasses. However, once rooted, it spreads slowly.

Traditional perennial varieties of ryegrass have relatively shallow roots, which historically limited their heat and drought tolerance compared to ryegrass.

Pasture ryegrass is also a key component of cool-season seed mixes for lawns and sports fields in northern and transition zones. Its rapid germination and rapid seedling growth provide rapid color and stability while slower-growing grasses such as bluegrass become established. Meadow ryegrass prefers the sun, but tolerates light shading.

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