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Perennial herbs of honey crops

In order to increase the productivity of the apiary, many beekeepers try to buy seeds of perennial honey crops, which, among other things, have green manure qualities. What does it mean? The soils on which such crops grow are well structured. Eat. yield of honey and fodder crops.

Honey plants

Creeping white clover is an unpretentious honey plant. The plant grows well in any conditions, enduring excess or lack of moisture, poor soil and frost. White clover can be sown both as a single crop and in grass mixtures. Its flowering period falls on June and lasts until late autumn.

Perennial honey plant herbsRed clover is suitable for growing in a site with any soil, except acidic soil. If you sow a plant in the appropriate place, taking into account all its features, the extraction from it will be amazing. As a rule, clover blooms from late June to autumn.

The benefits of sowing perennial grasses on the site

  • Excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions.
  • Resistant to trampling.
  • The formation of a dense sod layer makes the soil resistant to mechanical stress.
  • The strong interlacing of the rhizomes of the crops retards the growth of weeds.

LLC “SMART AGRO PLUS” offers to buy seeds of perennial grass mixtures from delivery to your city . Each plant will give honey a special flavor and enhance the healing properties of the product. Choose the right crop for your site. If you do not know which mixture of herbs to choose and how much, please contact us. Call by phone or leave a completed application on the website of our online store. If you want to buy products with a good discount, you can buy wholesale perennial grass seeds from us. All seed material undergoes the strictest testing and is approved by the quality mark.