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Perennial herbs for soil improvement

To improve the quality of the soil and high yields, we recommend buying seeds of perennial grasses – green manure. These green fertilizers retard the growth of weeds and saturate the earth with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus. The developed root system of perennial crops makes the earth more loose and airy. Some are able to release special substances that protect the soil from various diseases. You can buy seeds of perennial grass mixtures from the Seed Station company. We can profitably buy seeds of perennial grasses in bulk, both large agricultural enterprises and individuals. Quality domestic and imported products are delivered to all regions and cities of Ukraine.


Legumes are the main source of nitrogen for many crops. By properties, they are similar to fertilizers of organic origin. Leguminous plants include crops such as the ravine age, clover, sainfoin, alfalfa, and horned locust. Red clover, alfalfa are capable of richly saturating the earth with nitrogen for several years to come. They are rich in protein, vitamins and microelements. The horned bird is a honey plant that is easy to grow. Ability to tolerate drought and fairly low temperatures. Most often used in crop rotation with other plants.


Cereal green manures have a neutralizing effect on acidic soils. Barley is a cereal crop. Thanks to a well-developed root system, the plant helps to loosen the soil.


Rips, colza are plants belonging to the Cruciferous family. Perennial rapeseed, like annual radish, contains essential oils that reduce the risk of soil disease. In addition, these plants prevent the leaching of useful minerals from the soil.

Buy perennial herbs to improve soil

Do you want to significantly improve the fertility of your soils? Looking for a reliable solution to improve the yield and quality of your crops? Then you’ve come to the right place! “Smart Agro Plus” is your reliable assistant in the field of agriculture and a supplier of quality perennial herbs for soil improvement.

Perennial herbs for soil improvement

Our perennial grasses are the perfect solution for sustainable and sustainable development of your farm. They not only enrich the soil with essential nutrients, but also contribute to its drainage, preventing erosion and increasing its fertility.

What makes our seeds so special?

  1. Breeding and Quality: All of our perennial herbs are carefully selected and rigorously tested. This guarantees high similarity and excellent plant growth quality.
  2. Species Range: We have a wide selection of perennial grass seeds to help you find the perfect mix for your yard or field.
  3. Experience and expertise: Smart Agro Plus has rich experience in the agricultural market. We know everything about perennial herbs and can provide you with professional advice for successful cultivation.
  4. Delivery in Ukraine: ordering seeds from us, you can be sure that they will be delivered to you quickly and reliably, regardless of your location.

With “Smart Agro Plus” you get not just seeds of perennial grasses, you get the opportunity to contribute to improving the ecology of your site and create favorable conditions for the development of your farm. Buy seeds from us and feel the difference!

Improve your soil with “Smart Agro Plus” today – and your crop will thank you so much!