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Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are the seeds of an annual plant that belongs to the cabbage family. The plant is pollinating. It has a powerful root system. The flowers are small, lemon yellow or bright yellow. The leaves are petiolate, covered with iron hairs. After flowering, fruits are formed: pods with light yellow seeds inside. The plant grows in any soil, but the most optimal option is loamy soil.

You can buy mustard seeds to solve the following tasks:

  • Pest control. The plant reduces the number of wireworms and other pests.
  • Like a siderate. The roots of the plant secrete acids into the soil, thereby improving its characteristics.
  • Feeding animals. In its young form, the plant is used as fodder for livestock.
  • Cooking. Products obtained from this plant are widely used in cooking (mustard powder and oil).
  • Honey culture. Honey has a light yellow shade and a pleasant taste.
  • Used in cosmetology and folk medicine: mustard oil and powder.

Sowing rate – 12-16 per 1 ha. Planting should be done in rows, keeping a minimum distance of 20 cm between them. It will start to bloom after 3-4 days. After sprouting, crops should be weeded.

Advantages of mustard seeds:

  • Disinfects the soil and repels pests due to the high content of essential oil;
  • Enriches the soil with high-quality organic matter;
  • Suppresses the development of weeds;
  • Perfectly loosens the soil due to the deep root system.

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