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Meadow bluegrass – seeds for a perennial lawn

Meadow bluegrass (Latin name – Poa pratensis, American – Kentucky bluegrass, English – Smooth meadow grass) is one of the most common grasses (class Monocotyledons) for long-lasting lawn and grass coverings in a large area of the globe. It has a lot of positive and necessary qualities, one of the best representatives of herbs and an assistant in solving tasks that are difficult to accomplish. Belongs to winter-resistant and heat-resistant plants. Varietal variability is great, in industrial seed production there are more than 290 varieties. It is used both in its pure form alone, and in a mixture of varieties (blends), and in grass mixtures with other crops (for example, with red oat and pasture ryegrass).

In terms of durability, it is compatible with red fescue and its subspecies, forming a perennial lawn of unsurpassed characteristics, but does not have the desired uniformity in pile texture. In appearance, it perfectly correlates with the leaf of perennial ryegrass, so professional type ryegrass is very often sown in an already existing bluegrass grass stand.

Description, scope

Department Flowering plants (Angiosperms) – Class Monocotyledons – Family Cereals (cereals, bluegrass)

Widely used for the arrangement of sports and football fields, golf courses (fairway and tee areas), parterres, special-purpose coverings (for example, airfields), due to one of the strongest tear and connective root systems, it is used in the production of ready-made turf . cutting and subsequent transportation to a new place, as well as in the creation of lawns, greening of elite cottage villages and settlements. A very valuable plant for agriculture, highly nutritious pastures and highly productive hayfields.

The optimal time for sowing seeds starts from the middle of July and ends on the twentieth of August. At the same time, it is necessary to make adjustments for the existing weather during this period. from the importer and manufacturer”>Under favorable conditions, the first seedlings can appear in 10-12 days.

Peculiarities of care for the bluegrass grass stand:

  • sowing rate – from 120 kg/ha (that is 1.2 kg/100m2) to 2.5 kg per hectare.
  • at sowing and before the first mowing, monitor the moisture of the surface layer of the soil. It is important that the soil is always moist;
  • if possible, it is necessary to carry out regular fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. Better care – better than the lawn;
  • do not mow too low – the optimal grass height is 4-5 cm;
  • if possible, do not use in the shade – with a lack of sunlight, it is damaged by powdery mildew;
  • undemanding to soils, tolerates heavy loams, but develops better on sandy loams and light loams. Responds well to fertilizing with mineral fertilizers;
  • adapts well and responds to agrotechnical measures;
  • the root system is powerful, it is a dense interweaving of roots and rhizomes.

After the snow melts and the soil warms up, it begins to grow early, ahead of its lawn “neighbors”. The speed of recovery after winter within a species varies between different cultivars. In Runet, there are a large number of inconsistencies in the images of herbs and their descriptions.

Meadow bluegrass seeds wholesale and retail

They are sold in branded packages of various factory packaging – usually these are large bags of 20 and 25 kg. To avoid unauthorized use of data, certificates, test reports, quality passports and additional permit documentation for seeds are issued together with the delivery or upon individual request.

The cost of meadow bluegrass seeds, given the low consumption rate, is affordable for many. The price of 1 kg of meadow bluegrass ranges from UAH 375.00 to UAH 400/kg, depending on the variety and its purpose. Much also depends on the exchange rate – with a fixed price in euros/dollars, fluctuations reduce or increase the value of meadow bluegrass seeds. Our specialists constantly analyze the lawn grass market for the appearance of new varieties to expand the sale of this crop in Ukraine and Europe. For example, in North America, the meadowsweet takes a leading position in breeding, seed production and sales. Buying and selling is possible both at retail, from one bag of factory packaging, and wholesale.

Sale and purchase. Where to buy meadow bluegrass?

Becoming the owner of this culture is simple – many varieties from Europe and North America are freely available in our store. The seeds are small, homogeneous, the germination is high, thanks to which about 2.0-2.5 kg per 100 m2 for reasonable money. This section presents all available varieties available for purchase on the territory of Ukraine, which have received excellent feedback, reviews, wide feedback on forums and in the expert environment of experts in the green world.