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How to sow a sports lawn?

A lawn lawn can perform not only a decorative function, decorating the local area. If you choose a specialized grass compatibility, such a lawn can be used for playing football, golf and other active activities. Naturally, such a lawn will be suitable for outdoor picnics and children’s games, so it has a fairly wide range of applications.

спортивный газон

If you want to create a football field in the country, a golf lawn or just a lawn where you can play with children and have fun – for all this you will need a special lawn mixture, which will include grasses that are resistant to trampling, well. tolerate drought, and also quickly recover after loading. Today we will tell you how to create a sports turf that has pros and cons, as well as recommend several grass mixtures that will help you realize your idea.

What is a “sports turf”

A sports turf is a lawn that is created from specially selected plants that can withstand special operating conditions. Unlike parterre lawn, which can only be admired, such a lawn surface withstands intense mechanical action. On such a lawn, you can not only walk, but also run, jump, and perform other active actions .

For sowing on sports fields, a special grass is selected that can withstand intense loads. Types of sports grass for lawns depend on the sport that will be played on the site:

  • Football. For sowing, you can use meadow bluegrass and fescue with a broom.
  • Tennis. You can use the same plants as for the football field. But grass mixtures will not work here: it is better to sow a kind of grass.
  • Golf. Ryegrass or bluegrass are suitable for this field.
  • Playgrounds. Here semi-mounted or cereal riding would be more appropriate. It could be timothy with bonfire and clover.

Sports turf arrangement

Quite strict requirements are imposed on lawns for a football field and other sports grounds. Improperly equipped lawn cover at the initial stage can lead to complete processing. This leads to additional costs, which can be quite significant. It is important to keep dirt, water and dust out of the area after rainfall – this can lead to a deterioration in the condition of the lawn.

When preparing the site for planting herbal mixtures, it is important to follow some rules:

  • carefully prepare the soil by cultivation and good care;
  • ensure a good drainage system;
  • the surface of the lawn must be horizontal and smooth;
  • must provide sufficient soil moisture for good grass growth.

The construction of a sports ground takes a lot of time and requires an attentive, responsible approach. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with experts on how to properly plant a sports turf.

sport turf

Drainage system

An artificial drainage system is an effective and most rational solution for arranging lawns. With the help of a drainage system, you can lower the groundwater level and get rid of a large amount of water. A professionally installed drainage system is the key to good lawn grass growth.

Drainage is installed as follows:

  • A site is being prepared for site development.
  • The top layer of soil is being removed. For greater drainage of liquid, special plastic pipes are laid. The distance is 5 meters from each other.
  • Small holes are made in these pipes to remove moisture from the lawn to a special collector.
  • Covering the bottom of the lawn with fine gravel.

For all types of lawn, two drainage options are used – internal and surface. Sports fields (stadium, football field, tennis court) use an internal drainage system. Thanks to the powerful pump, which is installed when arranging the territory for sports, the accumulated liquid can be pumped out quickly and quickly.

Therefore, before equipping a sports lawn, you need to install a drainage system.


Earthworks is an important preparatory stage, on which further success depends. As it turned out, before planting the herbal mixture, a drainage system is installed, which must be well and densely covered with small stones – gravel, rubble and sand. It happens like this:

  • large rubble;
  • small rubble;
  • large gravel;
  • fine gravel;
  • sand leveling.< /li>

Strengthening the walls of the drainage pit is not performed. Each layer is backfilled with the calculation of 20-30 cm of ground level. Stone layers are carefully compacted and well watered. It is important that the water outlet be created with an inclination towards the collector. When carrying out, the use of limestone is not recommended, since subsequently the material becomes less permeable.

Sowing technique

The beauty of the lawn depends not only on proper care. It is necessary to pay special attention to the technique of planting seeds of lawn plants. The durability and decorative qualities of the green lawn will depend on this.

The technology of sowing grass seeds provides 6 basic steps to a beautiful and well-groomed sports ground:

  1. Removal of weeds in the territory. Before sowing, it is important to get rid of weeds in the area. This can be manual harvesting, cultivation or herbicide treatment.
  2. Cultivation. It is necessary to first dig the site, remove stones and dried grass roots. Large earthen clods should be broken with a shovel.
  3. Soil fertilizer. For planting grass, the soil must be neutral. It is appropriate to add peat to alkaline soil, lime to acid soil. Do not forget about mineral fertilizers – to improve the soil layer.
  4. Leveling and compaction. After cultivating and fertilizing the soil, the soil should be leveled with a rake and then compacted.
  5. Sowing seeds. On a compacted area, small grooves are made with a rake – up to 1 cm. If you make the recess deeper, then the seeds may not sprout. Grass seeds are sown along and across the future lawn.
  6. First watering. Only planted seeds need to be irrigated. For this, it is better to use special sprayers as fine irrigation. This is a guarantee that the seeds will not be washed away with water.

If the arrangement of the sports ground takes place in the fall in rainy weather, then the planted seeds can not be watered – the rain will do just fine with this.

Sports turf care

A sports turf, like any other, needs maintenance. After the site is dotted with a grass mixture, it remains to wait for the first stairs and constantly look after the green lawn. Caring for a sports lawn also requires care and diligence, otherwise the site will simply turn into an unsuitable place for sports.

Care of the sports ground includes the following works:

In addition to these actions, proper care of the sports ground provides for the timely repair of thinned and withered places. To do this, it is necessary to sow seeds of fast emergence in the desired areas. But overseeding occurs only after loosening and weeding of the territory.

It should be noted that the first sprouts will give a ladder already 10-14 days after planting. This is possible only if the soil cultivation conditions and the care of the newly planted seeds are properly observed.

Lawn grasses from LLC “SMART AGRO PLUS”

A green lawn is not only a decoration of a manor or a park, it is a kind of visiting card of your housing. It will give your surroundings charm and harmony, give joy and peace. However, to get such an ideal lawn, you need to turn to professionals, and SMART AGRO PLUS LLC is your reliable partner in creating and caring for a lawn.

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The advantages of our lawn are obvious:

  1. High resistance to stress: our lawn is not only good, but also practical. It withstands active use and does not lose its original appearance even after frequent walks and games on it.
  2. Fast and uniform growth: thanks to balanced grass mixtures, your lawn will be pleasingly green only a few weeks after sowing.
  3. Weed resistance: Our turf suppresses weed growth, reducing the need for frequent weeding.
  4. Drought and water tolerant: Carefully selected grasses provide excellent soil water holding capacity, which is especially important in variable weather conditions.
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We guarantee that our lawn will exceed your expectations and become the perfect decoration for your site. Our team of experienced professionals will help you select the most appropriate herbal blend for your needs, as well asleave professional care advice.

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