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How to properly store plant seeds after purchase?

In most cases, lawn plant seeds are sold in bags of 20 kg or more. During sowing, far from the entire volume of seed is spent, especially when it comes to relatively small suburban areas. There is a need to save the remnants of seeds until the next planting, or until restoration work is carried out to restore the lawn, which is often required after winter, when there can be a large number of bald spots on the lawn. One way or another, gardeners face the question of storing lawn grass seeds so that they are suitable for further planting and have good germination. .

plant seeds after purchase

The expiration date of the seeds is indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging, but often it turns out to be approximate, since everything depends on the storage conditions and the initial quality of the seed.

Selection rules

The quality of the source material is one of the main factors affecting the preservation of seeds. When buying, it is recommended to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Seller. The reputation of the manufacturer plays a very important role, because reviews from real buyers, including agricultural enterprises, municipal organizations and landscape design companies, are not cheated – this is a guarantee that you are buying a quality product.
  • Packaging. It must be of high quality and sealed. If the integrity is broken, then this leads to rotting and debate of the seeds. The packaging should contain recommendations on seeding rates and sowing characteristics.
  • Expiration date. It is better to buy the grass mixture, the expiration date of which is at least 6-12 months. The composition of the mixture. It is not recommended to buy mixtures that include dozens of herbs – there is a chance that they will germinate very poorly. A good grass mixture contains 5 to 10 grass varieties that complement each other to ensure a dense and green lawn. Yes, there are monoculture lawns, but in most cases they require professional maintenance, because they are more vulnerable to negative factors than mixed grass lawns.
  • Cost. A low price is always attractive to a potential buyer. But be aware that a low price tag and huge discounts can be coupled with expiration dates. Another reason is that the mixture consists of annual plants, i.e. next year you will have to buy seeds again, so the savings are questionable.

How to store grass seeds: basic recommendations

Storing grass seeds in winter has its own nuances, since it is necessary to ensure full protection of the seed from rodents, low temperatures and high humidity. If the correct ratio of humidity and ambient temperature is not observed, then there is a risk that metabolic processes will begin to take place more actively in the seeds, which will lead to premature germination of the seeds.

For this reason, the humidity level in the room where the seeds are stored should not exceed 10%. The seed must be checked periodically and, if necessary, ventilated to keep it dry. If a white coating has formed on the seeds, then it must be scattered in a dry and warm place on the floor so that they dry well.

Do not use tightly sealed containers such as tight plastic bags or containers to store seeds. Such a container can protect against rodents, but the lack of proper ventilation will lead to rotting of the seeds. It is better to use cardboard or wooden boxes or linen bags, which will allow the seeds to “breathe”.

You can protect yourself from rodent raids with the help of mousetraps. Another effective option is to use burdock or chamomile seeds, which can be scattered around stored boxes and bags of lawn grass seeds. Rodents cannot stand their smell, so this is a good option for additional protection.

Where is the best place to store grass seeds?

The choice of storage space is very important – it should be dry, cool enough and well ventilated. The following premises meet these criteria:

  • balcony and loggia;
  • garage;
  • barn or outbuilding on the plot;
  • summer kitchen.

It is not recommended to store in an ordinary apartment, because there is a rather high level of humidity and temperature, so the seeds may begin to germinate earlier. When choosing a room, keep in mind that you must have constant access to it in order to check the condition of the seeds and, if necessary, ventilate.

Is it possible to store lawn seeds during frost?

There is an erroneous opinion that seed cannot be stored in the cold. This is not true. Moreover, there is evidence that seed quality is generally improved with this storage. At the same time, their shelf life increases, since at a negative temperature all metabolic processes stop in them.

It is optimal to store seeds at temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius, but there are varieties of plants that can withstand more extreme temperatures. The upper bar is no more than +10 degrees Celsius. The humidity indicator is very important – it should be in the range of 6-10%.

If you do not follow the storage conditions, this can lead to the following problems:

  • poor germination of seed;
  • increased seed consumption as a logical consequence of the previous paragraph;
  • seeds may begin to sprout, rot, mold may appear;
  • reducing the shelf life.

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