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Forage grass mixtures for small and large livestock

Caring for livestock is one of the main tasks of farmers and breeders. Quality nutrition plays an important role in the health and productivity of animals. That is why choosing the right forage grass mixtures is an integral part of successful animal husbandry.

Company “Smart Agro Plus” is pleased to offer you a wide range of fodder grass mixtures, specially designed to meet the needs of small and large livestock. Our fodder, silage and pasture grass seed material is of high quality and guarantees a rich and nutritious harvest.

Feed grass mixes for livestock

Features of grass mixtures for pasture use

One of the key features of our grass mixtures is their ideal ratio of pasture grasses, which ensures optimal animal nutrition throughout the grazing period. Grass seeds for haymaking, included in our grass mixtures, help to form lush and tasty hay, which retains all the necessary nutrients.

Our company invests considerable effort in the research and selection of fodder grass seeds in order to offer you only the highest quality and most productive varieties. We cooperate with leading seed companies and constantly update our range to meet the needs of our customers.

Buy seeds of forage grass mixtures in Ukraine

“Smart Agro Plus” is a reliable partner in seed production for all occasions! We offer you to buy seeds of forage grass mixtures in bulk in order to provide your livestock with a sufficient amount of nutritious fodder for a long time.

We guarantee the quality of our seed material and offer a convenient delivery system that will allow you to receive your orders in any region of Ukraine. Our team of professionals is always ready to help you choose the most suitable herbal mixtures and give recommendations on their use.

Order fodder grass mixtures from “Smart Agro Plus” today and provide healthy nutrition for your livestock to achieve high results in your animal husbandry. Our company guarantees excellent quality and reliability so that you can be sure of the success of your business!