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Buy honey grass seeds

Beekeepers interested in obtaining high-quality honey should take care of planting honey-bearing plants in a timely manner, with the help of which bees can collect a large amount of nectar and fingers. Their primary enzymes help to process these substances and accelerate the process of obtaining honeycombs. High-quality honey grass seeds allow the plants to begin the flowering period directly in the first summer. A good harvest of honey depends on the chosen type of honey bee. You can buy honey grass seeds from us in any quantity.

The most productive in this case is the seed; blue, linden, phacelia, burkun, goat’s tree, which bring about 500-1000 kg of chalk from one cultivated hectare. Honey obtained from these plants has improved taste characteristics and medicinal properties when properly collected and stored.

Types of honey plants and their flowering features

When choosing honey plants to plant near the apiary, the following list of factors should be taken into account:

  • Duration of flowering of the plant itself;
  • degree of adaptability to local conditions and current climate;
  • Presence of sharp temperature changes and other adverse effects;
  • desired indicators of the future honey product.

Types of honey grass seeds sold by our company

The most popular types of honey seeds include:

Burkun. Yellow and white are considered the most fruitful. The flowering period of the plant fell on late spring and until mid-summer. Planting of burkun can bring up to 300 kg of honey per 1 ha. The excellent taste of the product is complemented by medicinal properties.


Clover. Undemanding in care, the plant is characterized by improved fodder and honey qualities. The honey productivity of clover seeds was about 100 kg of honey per 1 ha. The flowering period of the plant occurs in late spring or early summer and lasts until mid-autumn. Clover honey is highly valued due to its unique taste characteristics and floral flavor.

Buy honey grass seeds

Phacelia. It is highly valued by beekeepers due to its high germination rate, it easily takes root on any type of soil, and is resistant to various temperature changes. Phacelia is a leader in productivity. Yes, depending on the climatic conditions, from 300 to 1000 kg of honey can be obtained from 1 hectare of the plant.


Buy honey grass seeds in Ukraine

The correct selection of seeds is a responsible task that will increase productivity in the apiary. When buying these products, it is worth organizing cooperation only with proven sellers and manufacturers, such as “SMART AGRO PLUS” LLC. In our catalog, you can choose honeydew seeds, which are distinguished by their decent quality characteristics.

An important point is related to the fact that the buyer should pay attention to the type of seed treatment. Manufacturers note the negative impact of aggressive chemicals, but some work is done to protect against harmful microbes and increase the level of resistance to possible diseases and viruses. It is not necessary to additionally protect the seeds of such plants as blue, cucumber grass and phacelia. They are endowed with a good similarity in themselves.

If you want to buy honey grass seeds in Ukraine, contact us at (098) 267-21-01.