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Buy herb seeds

SMART AGRO PLUS LLC seed company breeds and sells seeds of annual and perennial grasses, grains and legumes in Ukraine! You can buy herb seeds from us in Ukraine at affordable prices!

Buy annual grass seeds

Annual plants have a short growing season, which allows you to sow grass seeds at different times and provide animals with fresh feed for a long period of time.

The greatest fodder value among annual grasses is provided by vetch yara. It is a plant of the legume family, which provides rich, well-digested feed. All kinds of farm animals are happy to eat the age of the ravine. The plant is grown for obtaining hay, silage, green mass, and silage. Often vetch is grown for green manure, this plant enriches the soil with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, loosens the earth.

Buy grass seeds

Sudan grass of the cereal family is grown for green mass, silage, and hay. On average, the yield of green mass of grass is 170-300 centners from 1 hectare. In irrigated agricultural zones, 450-600 tons of green mass are obtained from 1 hectare. The yield of hay is 50-100 tons, the yield of seeds is 6-18 tons, with irrigation, up to 23 tons of seeds are obtained from 1 hectare.

You can buy seeds of annual herbs in Ukraine in our company. If you are interested in the availability and price of grass seeds – contact us at (098) 267-21-01!

Seeds of perennial herbs

Improving seed production of grasses increases the productivity of fodder production. The best predecessors of perennial grasses are pure steam and row crops, winter cereals .

For seed sowing, grass seeds of selection varieties I or II class should be used.

Since many seeds of perennial leguminous grasses have hard shells, it is necessary to pass them through scarifiers. Before sowing, the seeds of all types of herbs are treated with special preparations. Cereal grass seeds should be treated no earlier than 45-50 days, and leguminous crops 15-20 days before sowing.

A high yield of herbs can be obtained if the seeds are sown in their pure form. A high yield of herbs is obtained by sowing seeds in their pure form. Sowing can be done in spring or summer, without cover or under cover, in wide rows or in continuous rows.

Herb care consists of weed control, loosening, mineral fertilizers, pest control, additional pollination.

Many grasses, when ripe, easily shed their seeds. In order to prevent the loss of seeds of perennial grasses, 2-3 weeks after flowering, it is necessary to inspect the plants daily. You should start collecting seeds as they ripen.

Herbs are usually harvested by direct harvesting. After threshing the grasses with a harvester, the pile has increased humidity, so it is immediately spread with a thin layer under the canopy, and on sunny days – in the open air, cleaned of weeds and mechanical impurities. Then they are sorted.

Such agricultural technology contributes to the improvement of fodder production, which in turn contributes to the improvement of the quality of livestock products.

You can buy seeds of perennial herbs directly on our website.

Pests – weed seeds

Weed plants are widespread all over the world, there are several thousand types of weed seeds. Weeds choke cultivated plants, forage grasses absorb a large amount of water and nutrients from the soil, releasing harmful substances into the soil. This leads to a decrease in productivity, sometimes leads to the death of seeds of crops of perennial fodder grasses.

Poisonous weeds cause poisoning of animals in hayfields and pastures. High-stemmed and juicy weeds clog the working organs of harvesting machines, slowing down productivity. Curly weeds cause lodging of agricultural crops, which leads to large crop losses.

Weed grass seeds: their features

  • They have high seed productivity, one plant can produce up to 1000 seeds
  • Different ways of spreading: with the help of wind, animals, the ability to reproduce vegetatively
  • High seed safety in the soil
  • Availability of a period of biological rest

Destroying weeds is an important task in agriculture. Weed control measures are divided into preventive and exterminating measures.

Exterminating measures are divided into agrotechnical, biological and chemical. It is also necessary to prevent the introduction of seeds from neighboring territories.
“SMART AGRO PLUS” LLC seed company breeds and sells seeds of annual and perennial grasses, cereals and legumes in Ukraineand.
On our website, you can order seeds of annual grasses (sorghum, sorghum), seeds of perennial grasses (clover, linden, oleander, fescue, timothy, etc.), seeds of lawn grasses in grass mixes. The entire range of products provided is presented in the product catalog.

We make high demands on the sowing qualities of the seeds: the purity of the sowing material, the level of germination, the presence of weed seeds in the grain mass. We undergo mandatory inspection of our products in the seed inspection.

Do you want to buy herb seeds in Ukraine?

You can send us an application in electronic form or place an order by phone:
(098) 267-21-01, (098) 266-40-71.

Our employees will contact you and help you make a purchase.