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Alfalfa and its cultivation features

Alfalfa is a popular honey plant that is widely used in modern beekeeping. This plant is perfectly suitable for the formation of fodder bases near professional and amateur apiaries. It is also found in the wild. Lucerne is unpretentious, it is characterized by increased frost and drought resistance. Our online store “SMART AGRO PLUS” (Ukraine) offers to buy the seeds of this honey plant at an affordable price. We offer wholesale and retail. We guarantee the quality and good seed germination.

What is alfalfa?

Unlike other common honey plants in our region, alfalfa is a perennial plant. Therefore, it is particularly popular with both professional beekeepers and amateur beekeepers. And among consumers, alfalfa honey is valued, which has a pronounced herbal taste and a wonderful aroma.

Alfalfa is planted with seeds throughout the territory of our country, where beekeeping is well developed – in the western and southwestern regions. A huge number of hectares are allocated for it. The fact is that this plant is of great importance for agriculture. The stalks and leaves of alfalfa are fed to livestock, and the nectar produced inside the inflorescences is the best food for bees. It guarantees a large harvest of honey, up to 300 kg can be obtained from one hectare. With such a collection during the sale of honey, both wholesale and retail is possible.

Alfalfa, as already mentioned above, is not afraid of frost or drought. Seeds planted in the ground will begin to germinate at a temperature above 3 degrees. The seeds will not die during spring frosts, so you can start sowing them in early spring. This will allow you to count on the honey harvest at the beginning of summer. Alfalfa is considered an undemanding plant. Any soil is suitable for its planting. In the wild, it grows anywhere. It can be seen along roads, on the slopes of ravines, in streams and meadows. This honey plant is a vigorous crop, it reproduces not only by seeds, but also by shoots. Their sale – wholesale and retail – has been established in our online store.

Buy alfalfa seeds

In agriculture, several types of alfalfa are used, you can buy them both wholesale and retail in our online store. Almost all of them are honey plants, the price for them is quite affordable. The most popular of them are:

  • Alfalfa seed;
  • Alfalfa yellow sickle-shaped.

They produce crystal clear amber honey, thick, aromatic and astringent.

Alfalfa seed, the seeds of which can be purchased wholesale and retail in our online store at an affordable price, is a low-growing, small-branched plant with purple or purple flowers, with a well-defined nectary. This culture loves the light, so it is recommended to plant it sparsely on sunny areas. This will allow you to count on a good harvest. Bees visit alfalfa fields planted with this variety during the day, especially during hot, sunny weather, because at this time a large amount of pollen is formed on its flowers, which they collect.

Alfalfa yellow sickle-shaped differs in brush-shaped inflorescences with small, yellow flowers. Fields sown with its seeds are a great place for a nomadic apiary. This culture is the best honey plant, characterized by high nectar productivity and, accordingly, yield. Seeds of this honeybee wholesale and retail can also be bought in our online store, which offers the best products for apiaries for at an affordable price.

The composition of nectar on alfalfa inflorescences is constantly changing. The maximum amount of sugar in it is observed around one o’clock in the afternoon and four o’clock in the evening throughout the hot summer. And at 2 and 5 p.m., respectively, the level of glucose in it drops rapidly. At this time, bees do not pollinate the plant.

It is believed that 1 ha of alfalfa will be enough for 10 bee colonies to collect nectar. In order to obtain pure alfalfa honey, it should be ensured that there are large crops of other honey plants near the fodder field. Alfalfa honey has a high glucose content, which causes it to quickly thicken and crystallize. Nevertheless, it is valued among consumers who are interested in retail due to its healing properties. Alfalfa honey is recommended for use in the midst of seasonal colds, in diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

You can buy alfalfa seeds in Ukraine wholesale and retail in our online store, where they are presented in a large assortment. Our price for them is reduced.